29 Mar 2012

One day in KLCC

Yesterday I went to Kinokuniya with my brother and his girlfriend. Before that, I've to waiting my brother finished his work and we went there together. :)
My brother said want to save money so he park his car at Terminal Putra car park and we took LRT to KLCC. Save petrol, Save money and Save the environment. Lolol =P

For the main reason we went there it's because I wanted to spend the book voucher coz the book voucher expire date is end of this month. So, I decided to there to buy some book. What I choose all is about photography. ^.^v

This is what I bought. :)

Yes, I like to take picture although I seldom to post picture on my blog. But I'll try my best to take picture and share to you. :)
I bought these books more than RM200. So I have to paid more RM30++. But it's worth!!! haha

After that, we having lunch in food court. My brother and I , we order Chicken Teppanyaki RM10.50 . The chicken piece taste soooooooooo salty!!! Like roast pork!! Or I can said it taste salty than roast pork. wtf

And before we leave, we entry Love Lace shop. I bought this!!! :) nice?? ^^

 #madness SO CUTE hahaha


  1. nice and luckily it's pink cause I won't buy it :p

  2. Cuz other color not nice, so I bought this la. ^^

  3. The purse is so pretty! Love the bows

  4. The wallet is so cute!! <3 :D