22 Mar 2012

Pulau Ketam oneday trip

Hello! My readers. I'M BACK!!! :) Sorry has been one week didn't updated my blog. It feel so weird!! Because I was busy in my assignment and presentation. :(  #missmyblog
And now, I'm free!! Say hello! My holiday :)
Yes! I got a lot of time to blog!

Yesterday was our last day in this semester. In the morning, we went to lecture hall and pass up our last assignment after that we went to Pulau Ketam in Klang and started our one day trip. The organizer is Leng mui. She suggested to there. This is my first time to visit Pulau Ketam. It's a very great day to there. Nice weather. #thumbup

We took  Bus , LRT , KTM , Ferry and Speed Boat to there. Lol. Such a lot transport. The total for 2 way which is around RM30++ per person.

Bus (from our college to LRT) -->RM0.50 (one way)
LRT-->RM2.30 (one way)
KTM (Pel.klang)-->RM4.30 (one way)
Ferry-->RM7.00 (one way)
Speed Boat-->RM10.00 (one way)

We have 200 over picture from the trip. Everyone who went on the trip is super nice and FUN!! :)
But....So pity is we didn't bring our DSLR!!! So we juz using the shitty digital camera to snaps! Lol. pity right? T.T #kesiannya

Here we go!! :)

 I don't know why mian yang pose like this~Lol

I asked them to pose like DAI KO!haha 
But HoeChong look very sad one =( 

This one more nice~haha

Mian yang call us to pose a "lian hua shou". The point actually is show our leng lui leg~xD

Our pose always "V shape". Orz

Act like a surprise pose.

Yeah! A happy pose cuz reach there by KTM. Mian Yang!! Why you feel so sleepy meh?><''

Fast fast go there and buy tickets ^^v

Taking a pic while we in the ferry.

Not very fast. normal speed. 

Finally! We're here!! :)

Lol! I'm looks funny in this pic.

 Take more picture sin :)

Went to Pulau Ketam sure want to eat ketam lo. If not people said you tipu dia u pernah pergi sana o! Lol.

 #sedap ^^

 Mian Yang! Sorry lo. Don't scold me. See my face! Want cry liao~hahaha

 Are you serious?? O.O!? hahaha

 Yam Seng! :)



Hui Ling don't sad har! Later take picture with you, okie? xD

Going back and took Speed Boat. Opsss~ Leng Mui kena block~ Lol

Will plan to there again with my family. :) Next time must bring my DSLR to snap more picture!! :)


  1. eat seafood ada kasi org potong kepala ke?

  2. 小耕: tak da. :) next time we go again, mau? xD

  3. how much cost for lunch?

    1. I can't remember. Probably is RM13 for each person.