11 Mar 2012

Busy day

Back from my classmate house. Can't wait to blog! You know, I like to blog so much. Super duper tired these two days. I don't feel like to do anything. Especially assignment!!!! Please! I need some motivation. :(

Yes, I admit sometimes I'm quite lazy even sometimes I lazy till don't want to wake up from my bed.
But I can't lazy right now. Have a lot of work are waiting for me. >.<

Just like today, even though today is Sunday. I'd to woke up early and went to groupmate house to completed all the design work. Actually we supposed to done it yesterday. But the place that I choose not very nice. All of us no mood and no inspiration to do. As you know, what designer need is inspiration. Lol. Also, the places I choose don't have WIFI!!!! How can no wifi nowadays!! Services too bad! Our laptop totally can not connect to the network. NO MOOD + NO INSPIRATION + PLACE SUCKS = GG! We just stuck at there and what we can do is tried our best to do. =.=''

Finally and lucky we're completed all the design work today! muahahah xD. Oppss, I didn't tell you guys what we did.We design the book cover. Feel free, I'll upload the pic to here. 80% handmade  and 20% is the stuff that we use not made by use. haha =P


  1. Unbelievable there is no wifi. Hmmm

  2. same here sudh assignment all day long :)