9 Mar 2012

Jascy Wedding Invitation Card

Is happening!!! :)

If you read the title 1st , you're already know what I want to blog. Haha =P

Another blog post about wedding. :) Yesterday I was received a wedding invitation card from Jascy!! =)
Who is Jascy??? Jascy is my secondary school friend, that time she was sat beside me!
And now, she getting marriage soon! Jascy ''你恨到啦!'' (read in cantonese)* Hahaha. The wedding are hold on next Thursday at Kepong. Haha. I know, Kepong again! Lol. 

I remembered in secondary school that time and the day with no any teacher came in our class and we're stared our story about our future and stuff. One of the topic we talk about wedding :) 

Jascy, she told us she'll be the 1st one who get marriage 1st and she confirm she'll "throw the red bomb" (wedding invitation card) to us. Also, she said no one can escape this "red bomb"!! Lol

After that, we said:"Okay Okay, you throw thn we catch."

And now, what she said is become REAL!! Lol. And of course, another reason is she "恨嫁".haha sshhhh~ don‘t tell her =P

Before I received her wedding invitation card, this year January, she call me and asked me be her "姐妹". I was so surprised and excited coz I never ever think she'll ask me before. O.O
But, unfortunately I can't! Because that day morning I got class and have to pass up assignment as well. :(

Will blog more about Jascy wedding dinner soon. :)


  1. Congrats to your friend. Finally her dream come true o. :)

  2. hello from australia!! congrats to your friend!! Love weddings!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  3. are you going to be her jie mei? :D

  4. Nath: I think no le. =(
    I got class that day morning.

  5. Congratulations to your friend! I noticed that her wedding invitation looks really interesting. The colors are so chic too!

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  8. Love your invite. Just saw this when I browsing some sites and my hubs realized when I got married the same day as you! :)

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