2 Mar 2012

I hate him so much

I was really unhappy yesterday and of course my mood was getting down because something happened. ='(
Actually yesterday I got blog about what happened with me but I didn't post it out. I'm quite angry yesterday and that people I really don't like and hate him so much! The blog post I wrote a lot rude word to scold him and other stuff. If you know me well you'll know how rude I am.

The reason I didn't post it out because I don't want to post any sadness thing on my blog and I promise myself will not do that since a few month ago. After I'm done the post I juz save as a draft. I think! I think it again and again. I hate him because what he said all is incoherently and when we asked a question he can't answer it and he asked back "got this thing ar"?? So surprise! You know, you SHOULD know that! After that I asked other people they also keep a same thing and same answer. Seems like this person got alot hater! Lol.

Well, should end this topic!

So I won't hate you anymore. =)


  1. don't angry la, makes you old faster =X

  2. haha~ i won't angry de la. xD

  3. cheers babeh..writing it out is a kind of releasing. after writing it out, take deep breath, smile. (",). angry with those stupid idiot can kill u. so , SMILE.

  4. 不生气,要争气。