7 Mar 2012

My cousin sister pre-wedding dinner

A quick post as well as a long post. Lol. Coz I got a lot of work need to do include assignment. @.@

I was attended my cousin sister pre-wedding dinner last Saturday night with my family. The real day supposed on this Friday. Too bad we can't go because parents have to work and I got class. Super excited cuz I got few years didn't see her and now she get married! The pre-wedding dinner was held at Kepong in front of their house. Is a buffet and it is a super simplified pre-wedding dinner. Had a lot of fun and we talk a lot. Super awesome!! =)

Here are some picture that took by photographer Wing Soo. Soul Design

The Love Moment. <3

In front of their house. Wow~ I like the weather. Haha

People who are invited and sign on the cloth. Special right?*

See this pic!! The name is CheeYang! Lol. My college friend name. Wonder who's he/she. 

 This little girl so cute! She looks like drawing more than sign. haha

My two cousin sister. leng lui ma??xD

She's pretty! <3

Guess what is this? Okay la, this is Roast Lamb.

 Why I didn't smile?? =.= I supposed to smile, right? Look at the center part! Have you see something?xD
See my uncle, he always open his mouth to take pic de lo!! Can you close your mouth at least one time? =.=''

This one more clear. hahaha

Finally, I SMILE!! --->a bit* xD My sister smile so sweet. haha And finally my uncle close a bit his mouth. Lol. Seems like I'm very bad to talk his bad thing behind him. Lol.

YAM!!!!! SENG!!!!!!

By the way, Congratulations you enter the places of love and Happy Marriage. <3

 For events photography please contact photographer Wing SooSoul Design


  1. Lovely pre-wedding buffet dinner. You have a very nice blog Karen :)

  2. Congratulations to the new wed couple :D

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  4. First time I heard this happened. O.O! Please try to F5 refresh. And I got using different desktop and laptop to my blog, the gadget follower is working. I'm very sorry about this happened T.T

  5. Congratz to the new couple.
    I love ur photography. ;)

  6. Crystal: All the pic are not taken by me :P