25 Mar 2012

Jascy's Wedding Dinner

As I mentioned before, I was invited to attended Jascy's wedding dinner last Thursday at Kepong Restaurant. It was a great wedding dinner and I'm so happy, really!  :)

You know?! The wedding dinner looks like a BIG GATHERING!! Jascy has invited a lot people came to her wedding dinner which is include our senior as well. Got 6 tables for secondary school friends! =D
Out of my expectation!!! I thought only 2 or 3 tables. =X

We have a very long time didn't see each other or I can say the actual year. We got almost 2 years didn't meet or held any gathering. Oh ya! Got one only! :( Yes! It mean after the graduated from secondary school we are seldom to meet. Maybe some people got gathering la. But for our gang seldom. =(
Cuz most of them already work and some of them no transport or time problem. Too bad.=(

BUT! As I said juz now, this is a GREAT and BIG GATHERING!!! =DDD
First, I'm gotta to thanks Juki AGAIN!! And her boyfriend. One more time she fetch me! No her no me in the wedding dinner.Lol. A thousand appreciate! :)

We go there as early as we can but unfortunately we reached there around 7.30p.m. Not too late but it was beyond our expected time. Because the rain!! Before go inside and sign we already see Jascy standing at the welcome door! Lol. I don't know what is that call. And we started to snap snap snap!! Haha.

Here are some picture that Wing (Photographer) took that day :)

Xiao Ying is her makeup artist that day. 

 Yan Peng, Jascy, Juki and Me :)

Juki and her boyfriend.

Me and Jascy

Mei Jun and her sister Mei Ping.
Mei Ping is our secondary school senior as well as my Taekwondo senior. :)

 Wing is the photographer that day.

See!! So brother. Lol.

Well, thanks for inviting me for the dinner and hope you two can be happy in love forever! :)

For events photography please contact photographer Wing Soo


  1. You look fabulous!! I like your make up on that nite.. Nice post babe!!

  2. Nick & 666skywalker666: Thx :)