4 May 2012

Express something

Hello!! How was the day?? It's Friday can you believe!! haha. So much to say, just don't know where/how to express. One by one, okay? :))

1) So far, school opens already has a week but seems like still free. I still got holiday mood. Also, result has been released. Damn you!! I want graduate leh!! Can you treat me good ar?? Lol. I know I can graduate on time.
Wish me luck. muahaha :)


2) Why people like to asked me "Eh, got boyfriend already ar??" Lol. Especially those who my friends are long time no see. They like to asked this question. Today got 1 friends been asking me this question again!! Lol. So, I asked her back, why you all like to asked like this? She said , cuz alot people asked. So I juz follow lo. wtf ? =.=''

Please lah. Don't asked like that, okay?? I know you guys are concerned me but it makes me feel so embarrassed to answer this question lo. Lol.

Well, End this topic. 一切以平常心对待. muahaha


3) I admit I'm started getting laziness to blog. Sometimes I have a thought to deleted my blog. But I can't cuz I got too much memories on my blog no matter that is good or bad. So its become one of my excuse to avoid delete my blog. Lol


4) Have you notice my blog sidebar got this thing?haha

Yup, created a new wishlist to list out the item or other stuff I want. But the most most thing that I REALLY need right now is WACOM!!! No this I totally can't do my animation assignment. >.<


5) Photo

Quite a long time I have no upload new photo of myself with makeup. Cuz no going out recently and the main reason is lazy to makeup. =.='' So, post a previous photo sin. Later take more photo than upload. Cuz I got new stuff I want to show. haha

End here. Bye and Take Care. ^0^

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  1. hahah school start den study hard.

    no bf no need find wan. let it be natural!