8 May 2012

Beauty Fair @ KLCC Convention Center

A super hot weather. Even now, at night, I also can feel my body like burning!!
Went to the IBE Beauty Fair @ KLCC Convention Center with Leng Mui and Mian Yang.
Quite disappointed cuz nothing special. Because this is my 1st time to went there and I expected that would be like book fair got crowded people and alot of booth. Out of my expectation. Lol. 

We lepak there around one hour thn back. =(
Back early cuz no more money to buy and the only one boy, Mian Yang, he tired already. Lol. 
Btw, entry is free. Just fill up the form thn you're done! :)

Below the item which I bought from there.

Buy two AQUAMOIST free acmedica. Here around $85.00 and the free one $29.00

And 10 pieces of mask $12.00

 Fake eyelashes $5.00. worth leh. :) This one only lah. Others they sell $15.00. Compared to the $5.00 don't know why so cheap. 

 Now I got 4 set fake eyelash. xD

Regret no buy the magazine which around $8.00 got hampers worth $40.00. t.t. 走宝. 


  1. I wanted to go, but I was really busy that weekend. I also thought it would be fun and crowded with lots of beauty things. What were some of the more famous brands there?

  2. I couldn't remember at all. But the most impressive brands is CLINIQUE. One of the biggest booth are there. Also, this is the first booth you'll see when you get entry the fair. BTW, there also got other country businessman came to sell their beauty things.

  3. aahh!! i'm looking for that kind of falsies.. >.< but just like u said, the others sell $15 no way laaaa... i won't buy for that price, LOL!!

  4. Haha~ yennyca. I also looking that kind of falsies long time ago. Lucky I went there on that day. ^^