26 May 2012

Crap post

Hello! Quick post!!

Apparently i'm seldom to blog recently. (Like one week one blog post) Awww...>.<
Yes, the reason is busy in assignment. Once i say i'm busy which means i'm REALLY busy!!

Skip to wednesday cuz nothing happened on monday and tuesday. Me and my group members have to met our supervisor for our assignment. We need our supervisor comment and opinion on it. But when we arrive there and we received our supervisor message and said can we meet tmr??wtf!! Seriously, i'm super angry and speechless!! Actually i got something have to do on that day morning and i rushing to school to met supervisor but he said meet tmr!! Waste my time to school and got nothing! Cuz we have no any class on that day.

Okay! Finally we met our supervisor. And we talk a lot things on that day. Plus, we makan bersame dengan our supervisor and ask something about him. Honestly, the comment or suggestion which he gave us were super helpful. Has a lot of thing actually we must know but we don't know how to do and lucky we met this supervisor and he gave a really nice opinion to us!!

Friday & Saturday
Friday and Saturday(today). I'm getting sick on friday and today. No energy and I don't feel like want to do anything! But one thing HAVE TO DO is rushing assignment!!!
Reallllyyyyy have no idea how to do!!! Spend the whole day to design something and end up of crap!
Can you tell me what angle and what kind of view you want?? I'm not angry, seriously!! maybe we got 代沟! LOL

Okay! back to my assignment! bye, take care and good luck!:)

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