16 Nov 2012

I got holiday?

How i was spend my holiday in Tuesday and Thursday?

Tuesday supposed to be a wonderful public holiday.
Wait a minute!!
Perhaps, i have to said Happy Belated Deepavali. xD
Well, I wanted to go Kinokuniya alone long time ago. But it's too far from my house to there. Yet, i realize that since i was study in college and seldom to go out alone. So I called leng mui out with me and a special guest. Who is my secondary school friend as well as my boss right now - Alice.

Actually she want me to bring her to wangsa maju thre's JPJ. So i said after went there then how about we go Kinokuniya? And then she said okay. We went there by LRT. Alice said she has quite long time no took public transport. Lol. So? You owe me a thanks. xD  

After a few hours ago, i was super duper disappointed which i can't find the books that i want. Such like wasting my time and i keep using there machine to search whether the books i want were available at this store or not. It's really pissed me off. Alice said she has books want to buy but it is quite expensive and she suggested to go to The Curve see whether Popular got the books that we want. After that leng mui back to hostel then me and Alice went to The Curve.

Finally, I found that's a lots of book that i wanted to buy are there!! And Alice also bought the books she want.  Also, got member card discount. LOL.

Thursday, a public holiday also. What i did which is spend my whole day to sit in front of my computer and doing assignment. Keep drawing and 3D facial expression.

Btw, i have a plan to do hope i can done it during the weekends. ><''
Winners is never quit, Quitters is never win. my recently motto* Gambateh.\^o^/

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