2 Nov 2012

Do i really like K-POP?

Hello November! Hello my dear reader and Hello some of the invisible new follower. :)
Been busy with my assignment and it suddenly make my blood pressure elevation. Because all the submission deadlines on the same day plus exam T.T
I need some thing to inspired my motivation so i choose to listen song. My windows media play was non-stop to playing song and when i get bored with it i go to youtube and find some song to listen. Surprisingly, i found a lot of song that i really like and some of the song i listened before but don't know the name and it suddenly came out. lol

Okay, back to the topic about K-POP.
As i said just now i found a lot of song yet i found some k-pop song also.
After i listened so many song and i have a question pop out in my mind.

Do i (and you) really like K-POP or Fashion or their's Culture??
Have you think about it before? Or You does not like any kind of things is all about Korea?
Or........u don't know what is....erm.....Korea? This should be impossible right? xp

I'm not a big fans in K-POP but i do listen often. It considered a little fans. i think? o.0??!!?? LOL
Here i list out which K-POP that i like or do listening their song often.

Before you continue to read this post i want to emphasize all this is my personal thought and if you don't like it PLEASE!! Please ignore it, forget it or close this tab. Thanks for your cooperation. =)

The first K-POP artist that i like before. But now they separated in two group where is JYJ and another one still is TVXQ. The popular song of them which is Raising sun and i did a performance by using this song in my secondary school. Although the video our's group member posted to youtube before but i couldn't find it again! >.<''
I love to listening Hug, this song before because they looks so cute and immature.
But now they are separated in two group and it should not group again!! I remember last time i found a video from youtube and they sing raising sun by two people only, i suddenly felt like want to cry. =(
Where is the power? Two people to cover five people dance and sing. How pity!!
Btw, i got buy their's DVD also. IS LIMITED ONE!!! =)))))))

Super Junior
Sorry for the super junior fans. I like their's song which is "Sorry" ONLY!! I like the music and dance.
No comment with this group. So...skip this.

Oppa Gangnam Style which is the super duper famous song and all people know this!! I think no need to explain and talk about this. Everyone seen this video before right? haha

There is few song that i like and i like their's dance also. Got powerful!! xD
Especially Hyuna!! But!!! Recently has new song of  Hyuna. It's ice-cream. To be honestly, i don't even really like Hyuna style on this song no matter the style dance or whatever. Sorry for who is Hyuna fans. =(
But!! I will continuously to listen her song except ice-cream lah. ._.v

Same as 4minute. Only few song that i like and dance.

Wonder Girls
I know even some of you are not a fans of wonder girls but i'm sure that you listened one song was from them. That is NOBODY! Seriously, even u don't know who is wonder girl when the music is play and u can automatically to sing or humming the music. And recently i like their's song which is "Like this". I wanted to learn the dance. haha

Girl Generation
Last!! I have a thought which maybe i will find some times to download all their's song. LOL
I think i really fall in love with girl generation liao lo. WHY????
Because i realize that i love every single song, dance, style, almost is everything.
I like to listen their's song before such like Gee and Genius but i crazy like their style recently.

That's the few K-POP start i like and have listen their's song often.


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