25 Jan 2012

Happy Dragon year

I  don't know how to said it. I have no that Chinese New Year mood even is in Chinese New Year Eve. My mood was coming super late. But finally, in night, I hear and saw the fireworks that my mood only come. Too bad. 

I can't believe I get around 900++ angpao money in this year!!! It's super impossible, super awesome and super happy. For the pass year, I only get around RM600++ but this year... the first day, I get around 900++ liao!! woohooo HUAT ARRRRR  \^0^/ 

No income. Lol (means no angpao la) Haha. Went to Kepong Jusco watch movie with my family and my brother gf. Super excited, cuz we watched 逆战. Haha

Er... nice shooting in malaysia. Lol!!! But overall... okay sahaja. =( 

What a boring day I have. Do nothing. Stay at home, watch TV , eat and drink, eat and drink, eat and drink. (Repeat cycle wholeday). How about nian chu si ??? Will repeat again?? o.0! Oh no....please don't!! I want angpao. Target my angpao money can more thn 1K. muahahaha .

Happy CNY!

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