1 Oct 2012

New Month

New month, New day!
1st of October and i just realize last month i just blog for 3 post only!!! What i'm doing huh??? I have no idea.
Hopefully this month can be good for me.
And this post i'm gonna to make a conclusion of the last month. What i'm doing and what happen in last month. =D

Advanced Diploma 
Taking this courses Advanced Diploma been two weeks ago. So far, not yet die!! Lol.
I have a lot of work need to do. No matter is individual or group work. Of course AD work is harder than Diploma work. I can imagine the rest of the month in this semester how busy i am. Yet, report which is one of the work i hate so much!! Reason? NO!! I remember when i study in Diploma someone told me that AD has a lot report need to do and you can't skip it. wtf!!! What a miserable life!!!

Talk about work
I think i have to stop working. I want to focus my assignment. Although i'm glad that i can work together with my secondary school and primary school friends which i've never think that before. But, as i said just now. I can feel that AD life which is not easy as i think. Maybe still new or what. My mother also suggested me to stop this work and change back to work as a promoter. Flexible time and the salary of promoter is higher than now.

Graduate List
The graduate list has been released on last week. And i'm super happy that i can graduate together with my friends. The convocation will base on 24,25 November and 1st of December. The exactly day for our courses that have not confirm yet. Keep reading my blog!!! I will blog this! ^.^v

Beauty Expo
Well, went to the Beauty Expo on last Saturday with my brother and his girlfriend.
The Beauty Expo was bigger than last time i went with leng mui and mian yang.

There has many booth and famous taiwan artist are there. Also, some of the booth they came from other country such like Singapore and Korea. All the product sold at the there were quite cheap. And i saw that got alot people like crazy to buy mask. Like RM1 per one. And the super crazy thing is.......

I bought 10 boxes of eye shadow which cost me RM10 only!!! That mean RM1 per box!! So i never think too much and bought it. My brother's girlfriend also bought 10 boxes of eyeshadow. Seems like both of us  really crazy. And actually the original price is RM6 or 8 (I cant remember the exactly price.) If you want to buy one than it will cost you RM2. So if buy 10 then the price is RM1 of each!
It's not because of i want to save money or think worth or not.  And it's beacause i wanted to buy colorful eyeshadow super duper long time ago and now just in time! Plus the price are really cheap!! So what i'm waiting for, right? =D

Btw, have you ever heard this brand before? SAVEE!!
Honestly, I not really sure that i heard this brand before or not! But this brand which is from Singapore. 
I think can believe gua....LOL

So, i give it a try la. xD

Same beauty brand! Each mask cost RM1. I bought 10 which is RM10. LOL
Think what? Buy lah! =D

Free give!

I thought i will spend so much money in the beauty expo. But it's out of my expectation. Walked for 3hours and just cost me RM20 plus the entrance fee altogether just RM30. 

I will try my best to blog more in this month! At least more than 3!! Ok? xD
Bye and take care. =)

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