7 Oct 2012

School And My Work Life

Saturday and Sunday is full of lazinesssssssssssss........
Do you agree???
Yesterday night i was set my phone alarm at 8a.m hope it can rang louder to call me up. Obviously, it's too lazy to wake up from my lovely bed. I switch off the alarm and continue to fall asleep. And after i woke up it's already 12pm. wtf

Well, the purpose i set the alarm which i want to do my assignment because i realize that i have really no time to do since i study and work together in weekdays. So i have to done it fast. Apparently, my plan is fail!!! And now i blogging.....muahahahahaha

Plan to Genting
Last Thursday, when i came back from work. My brother told me that father suggested want to go Genting for 2D1N. After i heard this news my answers was "what you waiting for? Go booked room la" Lol.
Unlucky to us, the room was full in just 2 hours!!! Omg!! My happy mood spoiled liao lo ._______.

Assignment & school stuff
Too much to do, too little time. Recently, i've busy with school stuff such like apply ptptn, open a new bank account, do survey, convocation stuff and bla bla bla.........plus, assignment. Such like my work is never end!! As now i'm a Advanced Diploma student, not a diploma student anymore. Things are changed, all subjected seem to be tough. Also, it took us a bit tension. This is what i observed so far. Seems like everyone are emphasize on their personal and group work. All my friends they keep saying that now already Advanced, not diploma anymore pay attention on your work and bla bla bla...... They looks so serious and one of my friends also saying that she wan get distinction in Advanced. I've no comment, seriously. What i can do is i will do my best in every assignment.

Talk about work
I decided to resign my current job. Because it make my life quite anxious and tension especially every Tuesday and Friday the stupid timetable. Normally, from school to my workplace it took me 30-45 minute but because of the stupid timetable my class was end at 6p.m.!!! I was stuck in traffic jam for one and a half hour or more. Also, Friday class start at 8a.m. It mean i have to wake up at 6a.m. to prepare and avoid the traffic jam and class end at 6p.m. Again!! I stuck in traffic jam and end my work at 9 something, i reached my home where is 10p.m. something. Which mean i'd to spend 16 hours for the whole day long. And if, i continuously to work it might killing me. I can't imagine that if i spend these 16 hours to school, work plus stuck in traffic jam and back home still have to rushing my assignment. #dying

God!! Please treat me well ya .___.v

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