3 Sep 2011

Tongue Piercing

ohhh yeaaa~
this is 12 am right now
just a random post here
if u dun wan see or read 
u can return your page or what else.LOl
cuz today this post sooo disgusting.

see this photo!!!!!!

what do u feel??? What do you think???
so disgusting right??LOl~

cuz just now i'm soooo free and i random searching something at youtube
and i watching a video call  Tongue Piercing
Actually i curious what kind of that and how does the people do it??
after i watched this video i think i wanna vomit~~><''
i dunno why this soo disgusting thing still got many people like to do.
izzit looks pretty?? looks nice??cool?? i dunno ><''
after done it the girl said (video)
So wired!! Lol~
and she oso said that
she can still speak now .... a little bit 
and she can taste the Listerine so.. not affecting my sense of taste.
It's not really painful. It's really very tolerable.
It's like someone pinching you really hard. That kind of pain. ==''
She obviously cant talk properly. 
Really, before i watched this video i still can accept tongue piercing.
but now i cant accept looooo~haha

At the end 
she said ~Fucking nice.
LOl~~~What the hell. ><''

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