31 Dec 2014

Gains and Losses

Good Morning, Today is the last day of the year. So have you guys got any plan today to celebrate? Or to go somewhere to count down? Or just wanna stay peace and stay at home? And look back, it has soooo much thing happened in 2014.

Well, I driving to work everyday and yesterday I listening a good topic which from a chinese radio station 988fm. Which is the topic called what you Gains and Losses in this year. And yeah~ what a good topic as it can become my blog title also and it remind me to blog and concluded what happened this whole year.

Look at my blog posts. This year even less than previous year. Plus this post is just 11. Really OMG.
I got damn busy or not? Talk to myself and Speechless**
One thing you don't know which I actually blog alot, but all is just save it as draft. I always think twice before I post anything to publish because I don't want post anything to make my reader feel bored or sad anymore. Even sometimes when I read it makes me emo again. :'(

Erm...what I gains in 2014 which is:-
1) I officially graduated.
2) I started my working life. (means I got income~hehe)
3) I learnt how to be a good listener rather than a talker.
4) I got my new smartphone.
5) I got my own car.
6) I met a nice person.

many more I think ._.
Too bad I didn't blog. Else can look back my post.

What I losses in 2014 which is:-
1) None!! haha~ (I guess o.0a)

Haha~ I'm a lucky girl in 2014.

I appreciate and cherish who I met, who treat me good, who always take care of me. Although I can't really buy a gift to all of you. But all your kindness I already received. Thanks and love you all.

May the coming year better than the last. Keep the positivity, Keep happiness, Keep doing whatever you want doing and find direction in life and Keep chasing dreams.
Forget the bad and left it behind 2014 and Happy New Year 2015 ;)

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