26 Jan 2015

Resolution 2015

It's almost end of the month of January. And now I just blog for the first post in this year. It can realize how fast is it! 

Okay.Gonna blog a resolution for this year.

1) Travel at least a country
Been asking many times that my friend Jio me to travel to Thailand and China. 
Will manage to have some local travels as well =)
But the biggest problem is money~lolz~ 

2) Saving up to 6k
 After working you will realize it's hard to save money. So, I will try my best to save up to 6k a year. Plus, now I started to invest share and hope that can have some extra income. =)

3) Have a own business
I always think that to have a own business. But then always end up of my thinking. Looking what business can run.

4) Flat belly
As I was mentioned in the previous post, I got a bunch of friends who likes outdoor activity. And now I join them often to running,hiking and explore new place. People always said I too slim. But I know I got a "spare tyre". Hope I can slim down and have a flat belly. hohoho~ Yet~eat healthy as possible.

5) Explore...
Read more books and explore new place to upgrade myself and improve myself. Learn to be a good listener rather than a talker.

6) Improve my design sense and photography
After graduated, can see that how different design in commercial and school work. Learning is a task that never end. Yet, wanted to buy a DSLR for myself to improve my photography skill. Else will forget and waste the money learned in college.

Okay~ set 7 targets for myself in this year.
Hope that I can hit all targets in 2015.
I think it's a good challenges for me. 
What about yours? =) 

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