2 Dec 2014

Full Of Life

Quick Post!

It's been a month since the last post. I was really really busy recently. Oh~you might think that what I'm busy right? It was full of life!!

Hmm....due to our company has collaborate with film company so that sometimes we get some free movie tickets. And one of the busy thing was I watched movie quite frequently recently with my colleague. After get off from work we straight to go to One Utama. You know what? It really can relieve stress after work and enjoyed the movie and shopping.

Beside this, I finally met a bunch of friends likes to go to outdoor activity. Is actually they are my colleague too. haha. They makes my life full. And yes, it won't be otaku any more. lol.
Recently I was registered to join marathon. It is my second time to join such game. So from last week, after get off from work, me and my colleague went to gym. Hope it can train our stamina. The feeling is damn good, I've been long time no sweating so much. Because people said that no sweating is no good for your health.

Anyway, we're planning to explore new place and new things. Glad to met them in my life.
Love you all~muackz~haha

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