29 Dec 2014

Am So Happy

So how is you guys? Am so happy this month. I believe this is a awesome month and also everyone's favourite month, right? Everyone were happily to celebrated their Christmas with their friends and family. Everything make you so happy right? Like you at the mood of buying, receiving and exchanged gift.

Why I love Christmas so much is just not about receiving gift or what. Is one whole year people do nice things to do so you want to send them like a appreciation things but is no other time to do it and Christmas is the best time.  Also not only for those people who you want to appreciated, you also can buy a gift for yourself. =)

And yes, since I start to working in my life. I got money to buy those things that I wanted. So here you can see what I bought for myself in this special season. =)

Mizuno Running Shoes

It cost RM300++ 
 Luckily in this season got special discount la. haha~ At first I was thinking to buy Adidas running shoes but it doesn't has my favourite shoes and all the design I dont't really like. I know I so picky right. =P
But no matter how , I also decided to buy a sport shoes because after work. I join my colleague often to gym and participate marathon. The next marathon is 100plus Run. If you interest you can visit their official website to register. 

Secondly~DIOR Addict!!!

As what you see!! My very first perfume that I bought is DIOR Addict. 
It cost around RM400++ 
Yea~ I know ~ It sounds abit crazy. But it worth!! You will love it, if you smell it.

The exchanged gift I got is a doll. 
I named it "啊木". In english called Wood.
Although it has mouth and can see it smile. But it hands and legs so straight and somehow it looks so kayu. Lol~

DIOR Lipstick!!!

Thanks my friend Li Yin. I REALLY OMG!!
Seriously, a thousand word, I don't know how to describe my feeling when I opened it and saw it.  I really don't know how to said. But many thanks. I Love it so much.

Is actually nude color. 

Another small gift together with the Lip Stick. Dior Addict Lip Gloss.
Both this color looks pretty nice. 

Chloe perfume. I got this which I participated marathon last time. Got it from the goodies bag.
It smell good also. Will buy it next time. 

Ho ho ho~ the picture you look at above which I took from Ossoto. Well, I think most of you already know where is this place. I just simply took this picture because the decoration is soooo pretty. Is worthy place to go. I highly recommend. =)

Anyway~ Belated blessing.
Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year =)

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