19 Oct 2014

Malacca Trip with My Family

Hey, how was your weekend? Well, It was ridiculously busy recently. Since from last month (September) until now. I'm happy, enjoy and appreciate what I've right now. I went out with my family, colleagues and met my friends who long time no see.

And yes, last month I'd already blog about my very first marathon post and now I'm going to blog about the trip with my family went to Malacca in last few weeks.

Is has been 5 or 8 years, I can't really remember how long it was that I went to a trip with my dear family. And recently my mom was suggested to go to Malacca. 

Look! Our accommodation was pretty nice. Outside view is sea and the wing blow super strong.
One day it just cost RM350. 

This is the master room~

Taking photo at the balcony~ oh yeah~ haha
You can see that the wing was super strong even my hair was blowing till messy~
And the glasses I bought it at the Malacca Red House. It just cost RM12.00
Cuz my brother bargain with the seller. haha 
I bought the most fashion one which you can see the color. My brother one is most like "盲公老"
which all black in color. xD

And this time. We were looking for the local food which is Nyonya food!
Seriously, the nyonya food and the kuih is super delicious! Comparing to KL pasar kuih is totally different!!!
I highly recommended if you're going to Malacca you must try their local nyonya food!!
One of my favoured kuih is rempah udang~ love it so much!!!

I didn't take much photo in this trip cuz the only photographer is my brother. The purpose for this trip was just roaming around and find the local food cuz we've been long time didn't visit Malacca. What you see here is taken by my mobile camera. =P

And then, our next trip will be Penang!!

Stay tune! Still got few post I haven't blog yet. hehe~

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