21 Aug 2012

Visit a Thailand temple

Last Sunday, i went out with my family. We head to a temple for pray at 9something a.m.
Well, I don't think have any special thing to say while praying in the temple. So i skip this! LOL.

After that we went to a Thailand temple while we were back from the temple.
 I'm not sure that you heard this before or not. This Thailand temple which is in PJ.

Along the road as you can see there has a lot of stalls. 

All the seller which is Thailand people. And of course they sell a lot Thailand foods.

They having their foods beside of the temple. Like a picnic. LOL

Selling Thailand foods and Thailand instant noodle.

I see a lot people who around this stalls so i walk toward to this stall and take a look.

I don't know is there has any special foods for selling or what. For me, is what you see from this picture. Like nothing special. I don't know the foods and i didn't ask them also. LOL

A stalls of selling Thailand magazine! :)

Selling Thailand movies.

Also, they were selling beer, water and other things in the rear boot. As you all see, the drink they sell wasn't Thailand drinks. LOL

 Thailand snack. Opps..the reflection!

Selling flowers for people to pray.

I still remember when i stepped into this temple. I heard a sound was very familiar. Which is a very popular song recently! OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!! LOL

 I don't know what's the different of the dragon compare with the Chinese dragon. But one thing, a bit different which is the head of the dragon.. As you can see, the dragon has many head. o.0!

 Same as buddhism. They pray with yellow burning incense.
There has a lot Thailand people and Malaysian chinese went there for pray. 

 The famous god of Thailand ERAWAN SHRINE. 四面佛!
 Pray hard after i took this picture. :)
Hopefully, my dreams come true! :)

Feeling good after i went there. Although i have never been Thailand before.
And there really has a lot Thailand people. Likes i'm already in Thailand! haha


  1. i macam got saw it from lrt before o.O

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