17 Aug 2012

2D1N Genting Trip

Hello! As you see the blog title. Today i'm gonna to blog about Genting Trip!! :))
Came back from genting few days ago and finally i have time to blog!
And this is a SUPER LONG POST since i started to blog till now! haha :p

Went to Genting on last Saturday and Sunday with 2D1N trip with my classmate plus my brother.
This is the second time which i went to Genting with my classmate. But this time i went to Genting with different gang and two people same as last time.  Here is the link!

This is our last trip in this semester break.
Quite alot of fun and i'm sooooo happy because yf tan, aichin and sook ying who finally join our trip of the semester. Because everytime when semester break is coming they sure go back to their hometown. I know! I know i cant say anything, because they miss home so much and i only the one who back home everyday after the class. So i cant say anything. =X

But this is our memorable trip, ever!!!
Because got two funny people joined us who is aichin and hui ling.
Especially is hui ling! She talk a lot oddly things that we don't know what she said! Lol
They bring us alot of fun and can't stop to laugh.
Even now the dialog still appear in my mind! LOL.

The day that we met at gombak terminal putral at 8a.m. and took genting bus to genting.
Actually we're quite lucky for this trip.
Because there is no more room available for us. We booked First World Hotel. And lucky leng mui she found a place to us and the place were quite nice and cheaper. The reason we called to asked the people said now is Singapore public holiday and recently has alot event, concert and blablabla.....so room full! wtf! So we force to find out another place. Before that, we have thought we overnight on the street or find a coffe shop to chit-chat till morning. Lol. Finally, leng mui found a nice place so that we no need overnight on the street liao~hahahahahahaha

Here are some picture but some of it quite blur and clear. Because we using DSLR and Digital Camera. LOL...No need to explain liao. hehe. But never mind la. Can keep it as a good memories than can liao.hahaha.

 Same as last time we took Skyway(cable car) to Genting.
Before that!!...Aiya..as you know la. Girls always like to take photo in the toilet geh LOL.

Skyway...Skyway...we are coming ^.^

 This is a different kind of feeling with them. :)

Sook Ying!! Why you looks like something special that you see geh??haha
Is't the camera girl so weird??haha

 Indoor. We reach there around 9 something like that (i think o.0!)
Not much people maybe is still early.

So we decide to bought indoor+ourdoor ticket which RM66 (normal price)
For express which is around RM110++ (i think o.0!)

 My brother decide to roam around at indoor and snap alot nice picture. haha

 Have alot of show on that day like magic, dacing and so on...

The 1st game that we play! Also, 1st time i play this game.LOL
GOOD!!! syok!! xD

I like this leh!!! Aichin!! LOOK!! I looks like your girlfriend leh. haha so sweet ^o^

Two leng lui. LOL

Monkey want jump out liao~haha

Got feel!! nice!!

Aichin look beh song with the game! Because she lose it.haha
Itu abang tipu orang!!!hahaha

Got one budak lelaki he join us and take photo. And after that has alot budak came to take picture. LOL. 

Hui ling took this and after that she shake her head! LOl.
A secret that we know~hahaha

O..O... got 1 ppl disappear liao~guess who???haha


HC: How??
YF: syok-nya~hahaha

After that we went back and makan. haha
The day before i went to genting. My brother told me go genting must try this! Actually i duno what is this call. This stalls in the food court. I also not sure this is korea food or japanese food -.-
Nvm!! What i can say is REALLY DELICIOUS!!!! 
We  all ordered this!! Yummy!! haha
As you can see the chicken has not cook yet. They put the chicken on the stone(the stone is really HOT!!) 
And you cook it by yourself! That's all!! nice right??haha

 After that we roam around and take photo.

After that we back to the hotel and drop off our stuff ,bath and rest. 
Taking photo when we were waiting the bus to genting. Oh ya our rest place at 清水岩hotel. 
So we have to wait the bus come and fetch. One thing that i very satisfied which is the bus come every 1 hour! So you no need wait too long. :)


 Time to makan. Dinner time.(¯﹃¯)

 Think a few second, duno how to explain his expression. What i know is LOL!!! 

 From this picture i know you are sooo hungry!! haha
After the dinner we roam around and play indoor games than go back.

Night at 清水岩. 
Really Really cool and nice view and peaceful~LOL

Duno why, i feel like this pic like a drama poster.
 yf tan forever alone!! xD aichin and leng mui is zi mui , got one ppl always is blur geh. Than another 3 people is 三角恋~LOL... 有木有?  #famous liao xD

After took this picture we all back to our room and after half and hour i think. The three guys came to our room and play games. I wanted to share that games to them long time ago. Finally, this is a good opportunity to show them, teach them and play with them. :)))

Around 3a.m. i can't tahan already because i'm play so crazy in the morning at the ourdoor theme park so i lost my voice and become so sexy. Plus, Sook Ying also want to sleep. So we end the games at 3a.m. Sook Ying said my voice like Cecilia Cheung. really??? oh no..haha

The second day which is the last day at there. Yf tan, leng mui ,monkey and aichin they pray. 



 为什么前面三位斜一边了?? @.@

 Not yet ready leh! haha 

 SEE!! nice picture! This is called friendship (forever)??? 
I won't forget you guys geh. Miss you so much!! HAHAHA

 Aiyoyo, leng mui you hand abit cacat liao~haha
Your hand high abit please! xD

 I love this picture so much!!
when my brother help us to taking this picture we heard that got one chinese women said: 这太有意思了, 再来一次我跟你们拍.LOL
She said: 你们在跟佛祖忏悔吗? LOL
And than got another two woman come and taking photo with us. ^.^v
They came from China. Nice to met you and have a nice day ya. haha 

sook ying macam 睡不醒 xD 
leng mui and yf tan....er....??? 

 I like this picture and i hope that our graduation can do this again! :) #prayhard

When aichin she bei zhe leng mui got two things which pop out in my mind. One is 妈妈背着女儿. another one is 妹妹背着洋娃娃 LOL.

Leng mui and monkey which is a good combination artist (they said!) LOL
They are 成熟+可爱二人组 xD
We got took a video which is they intro themselves. laugh die (us)!!
I couldn't post here because this is our secret and i want to protect them cuz they are already 红!! monkey said want 低调点 ~哈哈哈

I'm very very satisfied with this Genting Trip. I think they too. :)

Before we checked out and.....

This picture like we are showing our breast. isshh><''

Yup! That's all!!! Actually this is a part of the picture that i post here. Still alot i didnt show because not really  funny and nice. So i juz post that picture that i like. LOL

Thanks you guys! We had a really really nice trip! And I blog this post few hours ago! wtf! -.-''

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