19 Aug 2012

Shop at Sunway with 2 girls

Ok! Waiting the day long time liao. Since i make an appointment with them almost 1 month. LOL
The next day i came back from Genting and went out with them. Super tired!! 
Why i'm so stupid to decided that day geh?? O口O!
I can't FFK. Because i know if i miss this. Duno 何年何月何日再相聚. haha

OMG!! This picture i look so fat because of the skirt!!! Who design that skirt huh?? #fail!! Lucky this is not mine! LOL. Duno why that day i picked this skirt lo! -.- 
Have you aware that my outfit of the day looks so weird?? Adui~~apa ni!??!!? Probably i'm really tired. Simply choose an outfit!
Btw, SEE!! As I said before. Girls always like to take photo in the toilet! Lol. The toilet has a BIG mirror.

Oh my goodness! Same skirt look different. I got shape leh!!! LOL. Beside that~I look very skinny between them. Leg lah~ LOL!!!!!!

Went to Guardian and bought this revlon rose nectar lipstick. It cost me RM35.00
So far, bought the most expensive lipstick. GOOD! Recommended you to buy.
And we went to parkson. I bought a  sleeveless garment for RM39.00 and it had 70% discount which is RM11.70. Not enough money so i just bought one. haha

Before that we head to Kim Gary Restaurant to enjoy our lunch! You know! I have had super long time no went there eat liao. I think got 4 years. Last time i went there makan which is with my ex! wtf!
I ordered the spicy noodle that he hate alot geh. So wat?? You can't say anything right now. haha

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