2 Jul 2012

The Day I turned 20

Hey!! I'm officially 20th!!! 30th June was my birthday. And i had a really really nice day on my birthday. ^^

First of all, i have to thanks my college friends who cheat me has a very important thing have to do and at the end they gave me a special. Lol.
Actually i'm quite unhappy and disappointed cuz the day which is my birthday i still have to go to school and rushing assignment and all that. And when i reached there and knocked the door and i never thought that they were standing behind the door and get ready to gave me surprise. Lol. I know this is very common way to giving a surprise but........ 我还是被吓到 ><'' (别告诉别人) LOL

Apparently the celebration was simple. But!!! Honestly i'm very appreciate that. Thanks tikus leng, 植木小姐 and 哆啦a梦小姐 xD (别在意没送到礼物, 比起这个你们的心意我很强烈的感受到 ^.^) Love you baby. haha

The next thing is......
the gathering. I did mentioned that i met all my primary school friends since last few week ago from facebook and our first gathering would be held on my birthday!!! OMG!!! I'm damn happy leh.
Since we have been 8 years didn't meet each other and contact. I'm quite nervous and excited before i met them. Lol.

Here are some photos we took on that day.
I love the cake. Big and taste nice. ^o^

I love this photo SOOOOO MUCH!!!<3333  

From this photo you can see how happy they are. Lol.

boys gang!! plus me!! haha

girls gang!

They all has changed alot and be more mature, guy become handsome and gentlemen!!! I love gentlemen guy. Lol. And girls all pretty leh. haha.Although our childhood has gone but our childhood memories were still keep in our heart. :)

Thanks all my friends and family gave me surprise and birthday wishes. Also, Happy Birthday to myself.
And, wish everything going smoothly and dreams comes true. ^.^v
Love you all. <333


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Nice to celebrate it with a bunch of friends. :)

  2. Hi! Happy Belated Birthday to you!


  3. u guys have a whale of time!