10 Jul 2012

Movie Day

How was the day huh? haha
I've been sick for a few days. T.T (hou san fu ar!!)
That's not funny when you getting sick =(
So you guys have to take care yourself huh. Drink more water ya. ^.^v

Gonna post something about last weekend. ^.^

Dating with Kathy on last Sunday. We went to Pavillion to watched movie. We decided to watched The Amazing Spider-man. 
Wow. you know. The Amazing Spider-man really amazing. You can't miss it. I would like to suggest you guys if you guys really want to watched this movie. You guys better watched in 3D. Because my another gangs of friends said they watched in 2D was not that amazing. Lol. 

And this!!! Hada-Labo. My friend (植木小姐) she told me hadalobo got promotion! So i found it in watson! haha *excited ^.^v

Btw, have a really nice day with Kathy. =)

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