18 Jun 2012

XES's Event

I've been wanted to blog this topic long time ago but I don't have the motivation to blog this topic and I gave myself lots of an excuse! 

What i want to blog which is the event i did before. Lol. Actually is i'm one of the photographer of the event on that day. haha

I know i did mentioned that i'll post the photo about the event, right?   
So, you guys should be happy cuz finally i blog this topic. Lol.

Okay, start now!! :)
I'll never forget the day of the event cuz that day is Sunday and the most important thing is the day is Mother's Day!!!!!LOLOLOL....


Everyone will spend that day with their mother or their whole family going to shopping or treat their mother very good or be a filial son or daughther specially on that day. =P 
but what i did is?? --> JOB!!! 
I have a job on that day!! 

Not going to post all the photos cuz i took alot in this event. if i post lots of photos on this post and this will be my very first heavy post. Ever!! Lol. So i just post some on here to share with you guys. :)

So, actually this is a shoes event and the company were invited some artist to this event.

She's one of the artist has been invited for this event and she's an actress as well as a singer. Plus, she also a shoe endorsement for this event. 

Another shoes endorsement on this event. Is a malay singer and actress.

Chit-chat with another two guy. 

 The shoe endorsement was taken photo with the boss.

with boss wife.

MC on that day. Do you know who is he? Does he looks like someone else? 
Or... i give you some tips. He looks like a chinese DJ.
Yes, he looks like a 988 chinese radio DJ KK.
After talk to him. We just realised has a lots of ppl had a same sensation with us which is he really looks like the DJ. Lol.

That's all!! Lol.
bye! ;)

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