30 Apr 2012

Goodbye my holiday

OMG!!! Today is Sunday!!! Oppss ~ is Monday right now. (Blogging at midnight) 
It means my holiday is officially END!! School opens will be on Monday. Yes! Is today. But lucky our class start on Friday.muahaha

Btw, me and my groupmembers have to prepare for our presentation.wtf. 1st week presentation. Need to present what I also dunno. @@''

I need to pack my mood and set my mind in study. Although this holiday makes me unhappy more than happy lah. Coz there has a lot happened was occurs during this holiday. I hope I can recover my mood as fast as possible and won't affect my study.

By the way, I got time to design my blog. Lol.. Change something nia. I know! The blog header super kanasai. I really have no time to design leh!! Don't judge, okay? Lol. So I cincai gao dim it. Coz I know if I don't want to design it or change it after start the class I probably have no time to do. I have to busy in FYP! =.=

bye and niz! :)

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