22 Apr 2012

Our Handmade Book Design

I remember that I have one thing haven't done but I can't remember what is that? When I open my working folder then I remembers what I want to do. Lol.

I promised that I'll post the picture which a part of our assignment book design on my blog. Here are some picture that I took.

100% book design. From zero to hero. Lol
Put something to deco it to look nicer when taking pic.
During the progression we try to gv them a name/theme. But some of them didn't.

#1 Devil


#3 Wedding

#4 Angel

#5 Beach



#8 Tech

What do you think about the name/ theme that we gv? Nice hor? haha. But that is not very important in our assignment actually. Lol. Name it juz for fun coz the progression was damn bored and no idea. I didn't expect this will be one of us inspiration. =P

Designer: Apple,Leng Mui & Mian Yang.
Photographer: Apple
Accessories provider: Apple, Leng Mui, Mian yang & Mian Yang housemate. (forgot his name) Lol


  1. so great.. you can sold it online

  2. Looks good. I like number 2 & 4

  3. zzanyy, thanks your like. ^^

  4. wowww so cute! and classic ;)

  5. Gorgeous work and thumbs up for the creativity.

  6. nGiau & Nava Krishnan,thanks. ^^