25 Feb 2012

My Saturday with them

No need wake up early, no school so that's PERFECT LIFE!! Lolol =)

BUT! Today would be a little difference because I woke up early to get ready something and go out to carry leng mui and sheep to my house. The reason they came to my house is we gotta do assignment. What assignment that we did?? Actually this assignment really out of my expected! I didn't thought that our courses will do craft! Like D.I.Y something and after that we have to take pic and such a waste of our time. Lol. And actually this assignment is design a webpage call Interactive Web Design. The tittle is create a webpage and put some product like a eCommerce website.

Here are some picture in progressing =)

mian yang why you so girlish?? Play with the ribbon. Lol. 

 You see! They so hardworking!!!O.O!!?

But actually NOT!! muahaha.
Both of them laugh out loud because of the saliva. xD 
And I'm the only one beside them and don't know what happened with them and I keep asking what you guys laugh actually??Lol.

 See!! Three of us SO SERIOUS!! I can't believe xD 

 Dinner time!!! =) So Yummy =)


  1. seems like you all really had fun with the assignment ^_^

  2. Yes! really had fun and very enjoyed it. Lol =)