6 Feb 2012

Celebrate My Lovely Mother Birthday

Yesterday I did nothing AGAIN! I woke up at 2.30p.m.(I guess). Aiyo, yesterday was public holiday ma + school holiday as well. So I sleep late also no problem de. xD After I woke up, my mom was asking me want delivery MCD bo? So, of course my answer is WANT LA. Lol. After having my breakfast+lunch my sister told me we gonna go to 1U. Oppsss.... wtf. I almost forget we want to celebrate mother birthday. But.... why no people told me want go 1U geh?? Yuan lai, before Sunday, in Saturday night I sleep early liao. So, that's why no people told me want go 1U. wtf.

We sampai there at 7p.m. (i guess)O.O! So, we walk and walk and walk. See here and see there. ka po here and ka po there.Haha. Finally, we all hungry liao. So, we went to BBQ Plazza having our dinner + celebrate mom birthday la. Another reason is mummy like to go to BBQ Plazza. Lol. This is her second time to BBQ Plazza.

Grab these picture from my brother Macbook.Lol. Happy Birthday to Mother. Love you <3

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