11 May 2010

2sd day of orientation

tired,tired &tired
i was felt very tired today
i wake up on 7.00a.m. and go to tarc and come back on 5.00 p.m
our course lecturer is a charm and always like smile too much people.
our course lecturer is a female.
after the lecture , i with my friend~ ling go to the cyber center to make our student ID card.
the main make me angry is we standing & waiting got 3 hour's already.
at the same time ,i felt very tired, headache & something else~
after we fill up our information ,actually can not call fill up. is double check only.we go out the room and entrance to another room for make photo.oh ya~the photo i did not like . soooooo ugly!!!!
many of them also did not like their ID Card, because the photo.
after we take our photo and get the letter , we continue to enterance another room to listening the lecturer to introduce the tarc website ,how to use it , log in & something else.we goes inside the room the lecturer told us to open the letter .gosssh again ,the letter got many username&password. and also, we need to remember it.@.@!!!!!
i can not believe that ,we need to exam to get the student ID card~~@.@!!!!!!

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