16 Sep 2014

My First Marathon Experience

Hello~ It's September!! Just realize it's the 1st post in this month and Happy Malaysia Day!!! :)
Not going out today so decided to have a blog post. 

Last Sunday I woke up at 5.00am just because I participate Marathon. Yes, It was my first time to join such Marathon which is Lion Parkson Run 2014. I wanted to join marathon many years ago but every time I was miss out the chance because of the venue too far I don't have car or transport to go there or need to rushing assignment. Lucky, it was a good opportunity to participate just because of Parkson is one of our company's client. So, I got the chance and going with my colleague. Due to the super heavy rain in the early morning. The game wasn't start on time and from 10km run changed to 2km. But then we still run 3km++ haha~ I think it's good to me because it was the first time I joined such game else I think I will dizzy in the half way. lol~

Oh yea~ Here it's!!
The goodies bag and some other things took it from the booth and took a picture at one of the photo booth.
Got the voucher before the run together with the t-shirt. 
After finished the game. We went to eat bak kut teh. hoho~

One of my colleague asked me.
She said : If next time still got marathon you want to join? 
I : Hmm... good question. haha~
But the feeling is good. Seriously, no wonder got a lot people participate. 

I think I'll never ever forget the first time I participate marathon and running in the heavy rain. haha~
 It was syok and good experiences to me :)


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