27 Jul 2014


Hii~ and yes, it's been three months since I've blogged. Hahaha.

I've been SUPER busy lately due to staring a job and yes, I was graduated on last three months. I did't go to England to continue my degree because my family can't afford and I don't want be in debt. Not only the fees and I have to spend a lots money to travel around. So I decided to start my working life...first?? o.Oa

Okay, this part will be more about my job.
I was started working as a multimedia designer in last month and my working place at PJ. Everyday I took about 1 hour to go to office and back also 1 hour to reach home. (Sometimes more than one hour =.=) I told my colleague I was wake up at 5:30am and depart at 6:45 or 7:00am from my house and all of them was shock!! You know why? Because most of them live at there. I reach office at 7:45am or 8:00am. and my working hour start from 9:00am. Haha.

I've been working around 1 month ++ and still under probation. The first day I was met my senior. I thought it was a chance encounter but wait! It was morning! Is working time. Haha. Anyway, glad to met him from senior to colleague. :)

So far I quite like my working place. I meant the environment. lol~ Especially my department doesn't really makes me so nervous even the first day I came into the place. And I like my own place also. Quite wide. The only thing I hate which is the MAC!!! OH~MY~GOD~ the mac still using OS X version!!! Update Please!!! =.= 

Sometimes you will be free if you don't have any project or task to do until you get off your work, but, you will also busy like hell if you have project or task to do to make you crazy and until very late. Lucky, you can claim your ot. But who's like ot, right ?? Yes, you can earn more but then you will get mentally exhausted. Somemore still have to drive at night. :(

Okay. This part is ACTIVITY!! Yeah~~ :)

Broga Hill :)

I heard a lots people said that went there but I've no chance. But this time I went there with my colleague and the ex-colleague in my current company. I think because I've looong time no exercise so I was abit giddy when I climbing. @.@

I like this kind of activity not only healthy also it also can train your stamina.

I didn't bring my DSLR to shooting and all these pictures is actually using my phone camera. I think the quality not bad. Haha. Long journey to go. 

The sunrise doesn't really obviously and clear because the day of last night was rain. For me it's ok. The place, the view and the weather is AWESOME!!! :)
Yeah~ I was see you at the top! talk to the sunrise. Haha

Another weekend went to Kepong frim with my colleague. The day We were ready to go back but then we met three uncle and they brings us to a place to visit orang asli. It took some times to there. 

You see the little girl who can climb up the mangoesteen tree!! We were worry about her. lol. But she looks like really pro~ haha 

You guess how much is these?
It's ONLY RM5.00 !!!
We got around ten people but just ate half and three durian only cost us RM10.00!!!
As we known the durian is king of fruits and mangoesteen is queen of fruits
The mangoesteen really sweet and the durian super delicious! 
Durian + Mangoesteen = Perfect match! :)

When back, it also took us some times to back to the place that we depart. lol~ 
We spend half day at frim. haha
You know what? My colleague likes activities. Especially girl there all skinny and slim. It looks like I'm fat!! Oh no~~ T.T
I should train back myself. Was thinking to go gym? dance? or taekwondo?? Hmmm......o.0a

And yes~ my new hairstyle. 
Er...It's actually cutting my long hair about two months if I not mistaken. =P 

For now, I'll see you guys in my next post! :)

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