5 Jul 2013

I'm officially 21st!!!

June has been passed! I was appreciated what I had. 30th of June was my 21st birthday thanks for everyone who wish me happy birthday and thanks to my friends and family they celebrated my birthday. I know some of the other people they will celebrate their 21st with a biggest party and invite a bunch of friends.  Mean that they are become adult or they are freedom. I'm not like this kind of people and I also didn't expect too much on how to celebrate my 21st birthday. My 21st birthday as usual. The day I birthday I will stay together with my family.

The day I login to my google account and I saw this. Got my name. lol

Besides that, I want to thanks my college friends who celebrated my birthday early on friday in college canteen 1. Seriously, I never tot you guys will celebrate my birthday, coz my birthday on sunday and I didn't perceive my classmates motives until Leng Mui who holding the cake to appear in front of me. I was like OMG!!!

I really appreciate with it coz the day i entry to this college until now, you guys were celebrated my birthday every year. You guys are amazing, you guys are awesome and cute!! love you all~  But sometimes i feel be ashamed coz i can't really remember all their birthday. Orz.

Photo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Appleeeeeee <3 <3 Lee Pei Sze  St Man Goh Alex Looi
Early birthday cake in May. lololololololololololol
I will remember the day had sooooooo many birthday song. xD

Thank you all the birthday wish from my friends and family.
Wish myself dreams come trues :)

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