13 Jul 2013

5 things that I really want

#1 Smartphone

My smartphone super lousy one. 
Even though its call smartphone but the apps that I can download is quite limited.
 The apps that I wanted to download which is Instagram but it don't have Instagram!!!
How come a smartphone no Instagram nowadays?? Why?? 
Thinking whether to buy Iphone or Sumsung or Nokia..hmm...


#2 Pen Tablet

Sign~ Actually I felt ashamed to talk about the things.
As a design student. Wait! Must specify it. As a Multimedia Design student
How can you design or drawing without pen tablet and yet you still can alive till now?
I told myself every semester that I MUST buy pen tablet but every semester I was automatically 
forget about this thing! -.-''

Another reason that I wanted to buy a pen tablet which is sometimes I was quite lazy to blog.
So if I buy the pen tablet I can draw anything that I want and
post here more easy and fast. Of course not professional drawing skill lah.
Some lousy or funny picture will post here. Lol.


#3 Laptop

Normal laptop is better or MAC is better??
So far that I know about the design student they actually doesn't really like to use MAC
Because some of the software or application it hard to find and use compared with the windows 
and people are most familiar with windows more than MAC.
For me, it doesn't affect me to buy MAC or a normal laptop.
What will affect me that's only MONEY!! LOL
So, help me to decide which one is better?? 
Have to make a good decision. Coz it not cheap and buy a laptop is a big investment for me.


#4 Digital Camera

I know! I know I already had a DSLR so why do I still need to buy a digital camera.
Oh.. the answer is super easy and I think you should know that.
Which digital camera small and easy to bring it out. lol
That's it!!


#5 Domain name

I want buy a domain name and hosting.
Although domain name and hosting not so expensive lah.
The main point is I don't have much time to design it. Coz I want to design it by myself.
And I don't really like blogspot so far. It has alot of limit to user.
If I buy a domain name and hosting that I can simply to design those thing that I like
and I also can change it anytime.
#banyak pattern right?
ignore jer lah

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  1. good idea on all gadget,
    good investment doh!