31 May 2013

Worst thing ever happened on me!!!

Last Tuesday night, I was rushing my assignment one visual design, which is called packing design. I don't really like to do my assignment in the last minute, because in last minute my mind will be blank, I can't focus anything that I want to do. Secondly, I need more time to do more research and plan because I'm not like other's people like they can do the assignment in last minute also can get a high mark. Therefore, I will always do my assignment as early as I can. However, the inspiration and mood are very important for us.  You cannot do a perfect or a nice design without these two things! My mood was getting down recently, don't ask why! I will say, I also don't know. That is why I did my assignment in last minute -.-

So like other's people rushing the assignment at night, and I was done it at 10 something, and I go watching TV. Somehow, until 12 something, I couldn't find a good word to describe my mood at the moment. So I walk to my working place and sat in front of my desktop to start and redesign my assignment, design always kills my time. I was done my design at 5 something in the morning.  I was excited because I really try my best to do it and make it better as I could. I was thinking, "Yes. I can sleep already, and the class started at 12pm. I still got time to sleep" then I rearrange my file and save to my pendrive because I need to present it in the class later.  Unfortunately, I was accidentally to delete my file!!!!!!! #thunder #madness 

You may asked: Where is your backup? no backup meh? 
Sorry to said, the original file and the backup file also "accidentally delete liao!!!!!" 
I also dont want geh ok??? -_____-

I saw my friend, she was online in Facebook so I quickly to ask her how to solve my problem because she faced this problem before. She sent me a link, actually is a recovery software to download. This software helped me to recover all my JPEG files but not working file. Bad luck or good luck? Luckily, our submissions format is just JPEG and power point. Although sounds like save, but my mood still worst and when I told my classmate my problem, they all said, aiya~ nvm la, the important thing is JPEG file and power point ma.  I was like LOL~~like this also can ar? I want to save all my file leh, cox I have done it overnight  garrrrr T_____T #heartblood 

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