18 May 2013

2D1N Asian Water Sport Village @ Puchong

Last Saturday, I was hang out with my society friends and we are going to Asian Water Sport Village at Puchong to celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. There is a period of time I did not see them. I really miss them so much. Unfortunately, this gathering is not attended by all the people. However, I am still excited to see them., chit chat with them, cuz I know we're samseng group. haha

We met at our college main gate at 11.45am and after that we head towards to the place. By the way, we are lose even though we are using the GPS. lol 
No lah, actually is around there already, but can't see the village.
You know who we met?
Surprisingly is NAMEWEE~~ fuyooohh~
The first reaction I was like O.M.G!! But we don't know he go there for what lah. He just passing. ._.

After that!! We're enjoyed our time!!
Of course want to take more pictures lah, since we've long time no see. =P

Girls gang! 

This is GX4 and this is awesome! Sat like a boss. haha
No need to worry about this. Because this won't easily to fall off likes others.
Banana Boat and Evo Pro 3 are awesome too. haha

Freedom of the moment and some of us were preparing our dinner "Steamboat".

Sunset are always beautiful.

Food! Food! Food! 

Playing marjong. Btw, where I gone ?!?!

Here is the website! Click Here
You may ask about the transport, right?
Erm... I think you should have your own car otherwise you can't reach there.

I do not know when we can meet again after that day. Will miss you all geh. \^0^/


  1. Hey may I know where is the accomodation you staying after that?

    1. Hi Dee,
      Aw.. I don't know the name of the accommodation because i'm not the organizer. but the accommodation that we stay is opposite of the place we we play. Is a white Triplex Townhouse as you can see from my pic.