10 May 2013

Random 8

It just a few days ago that I didn't blog, and I was felt like I've abandon my blog so many years. lol

Well, as a Malaysian and if you're Malaysian too, I believe you and me were known what have happened recently. Yes, I mean the election -505. Although the election has been over and seems like these issues has not been stopped. There has so many news came out from the radio, newspaper and other's social media. Many people and I (of course) we discuss these issues for the whole day. Especially the "blackout". Even until now, we don't know this happen whether is real or fake? I mean, I'm not racist, or I support, which parties with the most. As a Malaysian, we just want our country to have a clean election and be a peaceful country without any national debt, rasuah and many more. And this is the most popular issue that many people who post in Facebook. I believe what I see are same as you, because there is no secret in social media once the people share it out. We just hope that our country can be solved all the problem. We love Malaysia because we are Malaysian. :)

On the other hand, I just came back from an event called ITEX, and this event held in KLCC. 
I'm going to there with my friends, and we know this event, which is from our lecturer. Oh yea, I have been started my studies on Monday. You know what, it's very boring!! However, its sounds like very tough, especially the entrepreneurship. Don't know what the hell he said. -.-

Okay, back to the topic, event. I was felt like I kena tipu. lol. Because I didn't see any things are related about design. Maybe got!?! The most thing I have seen, which is the booth they are showing their works (technologies, their creative), especially Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japen booth. I can see their effort. You guys are awesome!! haha :) 

However, this is the first time I talk to foreigners (dun wan count malaysia's foreigners who work at here lah -.-) Somehow, I was a bit affair to talk to them. Although they are Taiwanese and Hong Kong people, and we have the same language like mandarin and cantonese. You know la, Malaysian are rojak one, who know they can understand what we talk or not? Lucky they faham and I faham too.  lol. I just talk to a Korean. Is a guy. He is quite funny. When we walk across their booth, one of them are smile and said 你好(Hello) so my friend are require him to explain and demonstrate it to us. Because he always keep smiling and said hello and thanks in Chinese so I was curious  and wondering whether he got learn Chinese? So I asked him. And he just said he knew a little bit mandarin and cantonese, so that I guess maybe got people likes friends to teach him. Before we leave from the Korean area he said 你们是色迷迷的人 and he said hamsap. LOL. I‘m pretty sure that he has bad friends who teach him. Anyway, it's quite funny and cute. LOL~

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