11 Sep 2012

Beauty & Skin care product

It's September!! Times always flies so fast! I know! This is the first post of September. Don't blame me no update. So this is a long post and read it with patient huh. Haha~

There had 3 event in last weekend which is ;
Matta Fair at PWTC
Makeover Beauty Expo at MidValley and
Volkswagen. Das Auto Show 2012 at KLCC
At the end i was choose to a seminar. Lol.

Well, i went to a seminar on last Sunday with my brother's girlfriend (Jovin), her sister (Joanna) and my sister. This is a Trapped Emotion Release Technique & Speaking Technique seminar. Which is hold at my brother's girlfriend work place. The seminar which hold in 2 session, start from 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. The main point is....Free Entrance!!! 

Jovin and her sister Joanna, they came to my house around 8 something and we go for a breakfast then head to the seminar. The seminar which what i expected. The hall and the circumstance was quite cozy and nice lah. Actually I thought there will be a lot students are there and the seminar is in Chinese. But there is not what i expected. Not more than five students there and most of them is uncle and aunty. Lol. No la, still got a part of them is teenagers. And the seminar which is in English. Erm... okay lah. At least i know what he talk about and talk a bit science. OMG!! When he talking about science i almost forgot! Lucky i'm not teaching science. Hahaha

The session one quite boring.(For me) But i still learned a lot through the seminar. For Jovin she said she  has learned a lot and quite interesting. And the other way of Joanna and my sister, both of them said the seminar was extremely bored. Joanna said her eyes almost closed and my sister play with her phone and sms with her boyfriend during the seminar. Lol.

Therefore, during the break time we decided to leave and went to MidValley. Hahaha
Actually i'm quite interesting in the session two which is the Speaking Technique. Because it is very important when we go out for working and communicate with other people. Especially for salesman or salesgirl. And because of Joanna and my sister said they want to leave so me and Jovin had no choice just leave and went to MidValley.

Well, the purpose that we went to MidValley which is there has a Makeover Beauty Expo. I wanted to there to buy a mask called Beauty Friend. This is very good mask that i ever use. And it is hard to find at any outlets. Finally i saw that!! But the staff said you have to purchase 20piece of mask with RM50 and get 10pieces for free. The first thing what i though in my mind which is quite expensive and too much of mask.

And we told to the salesgirl said : Okay, let us think first and roam round.

I don't want to buy 30 pieces of mask because mask only can use 1 or two in a week and i still has a lot mask at home and sleeping mask and other skin care products. So me and Jovin decided that we share and purchase. Which i got 15pieces of mask and she got another 15pieces of mask. Each of us save RM25 to bought another stuff. Haha.


A brand which very familiar right? Haha
I heard this brand before but don't know the function on it and Jovin and Joanna who was highly recommend this to me. And the beauty consultant are very patient and kind to explain to us which how to apply, function and everything about the product. Not like other booth. Other booth consultant was like force you to buy and keep saying that this very worth and that how how how...bla bla bla..... Not really like that. Shit you! You didn't tell me the function how i know and buy!

I wanted to buy a skin care product of exfoliate long time ago and i also did some research through the internet but end up i bought this. Haha~ I give it a try and i believe what Jovin, Joanna and the beauty consultant said. Because i know this is a very famous brand especially in Taiwan and i believe what Jovin and Joanna they recommend me. Because both of them who are carzy in skin care product, they know a lot skin care knowledge, so this are the reason why i'm believe them. 

If you don't know what is Naruko and want to know more about it. Here is the officially website in Malaysia.  Click Here.

Also, Jovin and Joanna, they said we are very lucky which we can bought this exfoliate at here. Because (only this product) still not yet sale in Malaysia. But you still can find any other related this brand product at sasa and watson. 

See! As i said, we are so lucky right? Haha
And this product not expensive. i got it for RM35.


Another cosmetics is Genius Blemish Balm Cream with SPF28 PA++. I don't really like to buy BB cream because i can't find any BB cream which is match my skin tone. And all of them are slightly white.
I'm super excited i finally i found a BB cream which match my skin tone and it is only RM20!!!
The original price which is RM75!!! MY GOD!!! Save RM55 leh!! So i no think too much and buy it! Haha

Before we leave and we got these free gift!! Two boxes of  Libresse and two voucher of  Slimming Sanctuary. One is Product Voucher with RM50 and another one is Treatment Voucher with RM100.
Mirror and a small box of tissue paper.


  1. Well heard about this so called blemish cream from my clients and have been recommended to, hope to try it out...

  2. naruko 的產品真的不錯的。 :) 我也在用

    1. 可惜的是这里很难买到naruko的产品.

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