17 Aug 2010

DONE !!!!

finally, we'r done our last assignment.
sir don, ms yarshi, ms jac, pn nik.
oh my godshhhhh.
nothing can say.
now i can enjoy a few days and take a few days rest.
after we pass up our last assignment my pressure are reduction.
oh yes~
but another trouble is .....my society work ar~~~~~~
the souvenir ...tis 1 cant ,tat 1 cant.
izzit u think me is a god ?
dun be siao la~
but sometimes i'll tot tat is a very good experience 2 me.
althought we can take a few days rest.
but the exam is coming soon..
totaly we cant take a long rest. @.@''
but ...hehe
for our course oni exam 3 days.
cuz our course is 100%coursework~
i dun wan talk so much jor~
cuz i wan take a rest 1st..88~

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