24 Mar 2013

What am i doing??

What a boring Saturday with the HOT weather!!! #melting
Supposed to enjoy my weekend because no need to wake up early and  go to work. However, it seems like NOT!! Because I have an exam coming on next Monday. So that I'm not going anywhere to just stay at home and force myself to study the NEW MEDIA, but I was facing my computer more than notes. xD 

Somehow my brain was blank. I can't concentrate to study. I have no motivation at all. I keep asking myself "What am I doing...What am I doing??" So I decided to change my blog layout. What you see now is a new look! :) Although the header has a bit blank cause, I don't have many photos.  It means I'm not a 自恋狂~HAHA.

By the way, I was dyed my hair on last Saturday night. Yes, I did it by myself and Yes, finally I dyed my hair. lol

Like others pretty girl, I bought the famous product, Liese,  to dye my hair. I bought the brightest brown, but the result makes me a bit disappointed. The color of my hair doesn't look really obvious. Sigh~ Maybe this is the 1st time? Lucky I bought two boxes before I going to dye my hair. Cause I'm affair that the result came out ugly, so I can dye it again. lol~  At the end, it's looking okay, just not really obvious and the important thing is....I'm lazy to do the second time. HAHA

One more thing, my friends were not noticed that I already dyed my hair. When I telling them this. All of them were sooo surprise to look at my hair and said that you got dyed your hair meh?! Orz

After few days ago, I got a special present from my younger sister. Which are six boxes of hair dye and other is a little gift. Actually, she won this present from a magazine. You know. She is a very very very lucky girl. Cause she always wins the present from the magazine, every time. Yes, is every timeThis present which actually worth RM200, and she bought the magazine only cost her RM10.  See! What a lucky!! So, I may dye my hair, again!! Maybe on next Sunday?? If the outcome is nice, then I will post it out xD

Okay, Gonna to go back to study >_<
bye~wish me lucks and god blessed me pls....


  1. yeah its been really hot lately...

  2. hello apple! yes it's hot right? my friend said must get 2 liese wor, if one only cannot see anything one

    1. Hi Henry Lee,
      Yea, I know ><''
      But my hair will be damaged faster. lol