14 Oct 2013

My blog

Hai hai~ ^_^

Well, it's another hot Sunday but it doesn't spoil my mood to watching TV program. I can tell you what TV program I recently watched which is a China TV program call  非常完美. This program is very popular recently and I knew this because has a lots of people shared on Facebook. It's actually all about love program and see how girls to chase boys. Mean they can find their true love through this program. Girls can brings love token or make some surprise to the boys they likes and many others things. But it's not everyone would be success, some of the girls was refused by the boy she likes. Some of the moment were very touching.

Besides, I also watching some movie which my lecturer call us to watch! wtf. But it's okay lah. At least sir introduce a good movie =P Watching movie also becomes one of the homework. You know what? It is a dreams I always made during my primary and secondary school. hahaha~ I bet you also dream like this! XD

Alright,should be back to the topic. It has been a period of time since I updated the last entry about nuffnang. Maybe you will noticed my recently post mostly was random post which talk crap things. I just want to express my thoughts and feelings because during that time I was very emotional :(

Why I want to say this because I realized that I have been really really long time didn't blog a good post. Since I seldom to blog and I being emotion that time. I realized my follower numbers were stop at there but some visible and invisible followers still visit and read my blog post. I'm very appreciate and thank you so much. I will try my best to blog often. =P

Besides, thank you nuffnang still got advertisement appear on my blog. I can make some pocket money without do anything by just blogging! :)
Should rajin to blog cuz I need money!!! XD