7 Jun 2013

Friday Night!!!

IT'S FRIDAY.....................NIGHT! YEAHH BABY~~lol

I don't know how others' people think but for me, Friday.....Nights are always the best day and night!! 
Well, it's very easy to explain. Because I no need giving a shit to school for the lecturer and just to pay an attention for the assignment on next day! lol. I rude and I know it. xD
You know what?? 
Sometimes I really felt like going to school are wasted my time. But!! If I didn't go to school, I will be missed out something, and somehow I strongly believe that no one's will told you the detail what happened on that day. 


Last Wednesday, after end the class, me and some of my classmates went to sport complex to playing ping pong. You know what happened on the next day?? My muscle was really painfullllllll~~~ Luckily, the class are started at 1p.m. I can't get up from my bed even though I've been sober. Orz. However, it's a good day for me. I need more exercise!!! Hope my body can slim like Korean artis. lol. I know, I think too much liao. xD 


And next, I want to talk about ....of course is my assignment!!!
Visual Design Assignment 2 => 0%
Web individual work => 0%
Entrepreneurship => no idea and don't know wtf is this!!!
English => erm....10%???
Research Art and Design => waiting the new assignment

Visual Design hasn't started yet. So far, my mind was kept thinking of this assignment are really hard to do!! For web design, I have no idea why sir needs us to create a superhero??? Can not copy our idol to design a website meh?? If really like that I will definitely choose SNSD. lol. Although I'm not a biggest fan of SNSD but I love their song and dance. Entrepreneurship, skip this. no comment on it. English, prepare the draft and get ready for an exam. Research Art and Design as I mentioned above.


By the way, I need JOB!!!!!
Why all the jobs are falling on JULY!!! Why??? Why?? Why??
I know, ptptn has been paid us money, but that such money can't cover my living expenses!!
Many things that I want to buy but not enough money!!!


Learning extra language is good for us.
Recently I found a languages learning website that are really good and this is the best one so far I found and use to learn others language. I'm the influencer who influences my classmate to join this website to learn something new and this website can meet some new friends.   www.busuu.com
I wish I can speak fluent Japanese very soon. suan la impossible geh la. lol

Okay lah
Gonna to sleep. (Sure bo?)
Of course No lah!! xD 

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